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A MESSAGE from Tom McCLONE; President of America's Service Line; and Tom Rosen; CEO, American Foods Group

"Our growth in the beef industry has made us an efficient partner to our customers.  We remain a privately-held family business and through the years one thing has remained the same:  we are a tight-knit group of hard working people who care about our customers, and each other."

- Tom Rosen

American Foods Group, is the 5th largest beef processing company in the country, shipping 6.5 million pounds of beef a day and exporting to over 38 countries.

We supply quality beef to foodservice establishments coast-to-coast, are a leading provider of beef products to American military personnel world-wide, and are one of the largest suppliers of beef products to the federal school lunch program.

The key to our success has been the ability to anticipate market changes and turn challenges into opportunities.

Our growing companies look forward to working with you.

Many thanks,

Tom McClone & Tom Rosen

Need a Reason to WORK for ASL...

  • Financial Security
  • Friendly home-like office environment
  • Excellent Maintenance facility and people
  • Great Pay
  • Great Benefits
  • Smart Reefer Technology
  • 190 Trucks
  • 280 Trailers
  • 98% on time delivery

If you are reliable, honest, and motivated by excellence and professionalism, then we are looking for you.  Join us for a professional driving career where you will be known as a person.

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